introducing   Grid Cartographer 4

Elegant Map Making

Grid Cartographer 4 is a mapping tool for role-playing games.
It's the perfect companion when exploring classic games or crafting your next big table-top dungeon adventure.

A full set of tools are included to make the task simple including cut&paste, moving and rotating map areas and a wide selection of built-in marker graphics.

Custom Tiles Import your own custom graphics using 8, 16 or 32 pixel square images. These custom tiles can be used as markers or terrain - anywhere the built-in graphics can be used.

Game Link 2.0

The next generation of integrated RPG mapping. Use a specially modified version of DOSBox to play games in split screen while you draw your own map. ALT+TAB is a thing of the past!

Compatible games* will also automatically send player position information to the editor - tracking you on map as you explore.

Lost your way? Use the new footprint marks to see where you've been ... and where you've still to tread.

* A full list of compatible titles can be found on the FAQ page.

Publish Your Work [PRO]

Use the powerful image export features of Grid Cartographer 4 Professional Edition to send .PNG files out into the world.

Don't show them everything! Use the advanced filtering options to export a 'player version' of your map. Hide the true danger from the oblivious dungeon intruders. Make trapped chests look safe, hide secret walls, cover pits and pressure plates - they won't know what to trust!

Game Development [PRO]

Rapdily prototype environments in Grid Cartographer 4 Professional Edition, then export to standard .OBJ mesh files for use in your favourite game engine or modelling program.

Immersive Visualisation View your maps from a first-person perspective using the built-in 3D Engine.

Export to XML Whole maps can be exported to an intermediate XML format. It's fully documented to make integrating into your tool-chain easy.

Sequence shortened ;)

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Gamer Edition
Professional Edition
Upgrade v3 to Pro
Upgrade v4 Gamer to Pro

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

64-bit o/s required

DirectX 9.0c & Shader 2.0+


macOS 10.9 - 10.12

3 button mouse recommended


Linux Mint 17.3 or compatible

64-bit o/s required

( Uses GL, GTK3 and libpng12 )


Feature Comparison

Grid Cartographer 4 is available in two editions. The Gamer Edition is aimed towards playing and mapping grid-based RPGs. The Professional Edition extends these features for use by tabletop dungeon masters and game developers. See below for a full comparison:

Square grids
Hexagonal grids
Unlimited floor area
Unlimited floors and basements
Unlimited region tabs
Add notes to map tiles
Marquee, paint and wand selection
Cut, copy and paste map areas
Fill and outline selected areas
Paste 'spray' mode
Free software updates ALL v4.x RELEASES
Game Link 2.0
Controllable avatar marker
Automatic footstep marks
Colored field effect overlays
Automatic drawing adjacent stairs / ladders
Text labels
256 colors
User made "Custom Tiles" (8, 16 or 32px square)
Draw grid on-top or behind terrain
Grid thickness slider
Switch levers and torches on and off
Open and close treasure chests
Export floor as .PNG
Export a filtered 'player version' of a floor
Named floors
Color palette editor
Per-tile ceiling flag
Tile Maps
3D engine
View multiple floors in 3D
Export map as .XML
Export floor as .OBJ mesh
Editable keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard drawing mode
Configurable interface
Map color themes + parchment theme
Customisable eraser
Picker tool (eye dropper)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download the software ?

You can find the latest version for download here. You'll also find links for older releases at the bottom of the page. NOTE: You'll need a valid license before you can use the software.

Q: Which games are compatible with Game Link 2.0 ?

Currently the following games support player auto-tracking in Game Link mode:

Q: I need technical support !

Please make sure you've tried the latest version of the software as your problem might have been fixed already. If you're still having trouble please write to me using the contact form and explain what's happening. You can also check the forum to see if a solution has been posted.

Q: I have a pro edition license for version 3, will it work with version 4 ?

Using Grid Cartographer 4 requires a new license key. You can purchase an upgrade from v3 to v4 Pro at a significant discount here.

Q: Will my old maps work with version 4 ?

Yes! any map created in previous versions will work with version 4. If you discover one that doesn't then please contact me and I will try to fix it.

Q: Will maps I create in version 4 still work with old versions of the software ?

Owing to the new features added in version 4, the map format has changed significantly and is no longer compatible with version 3 or earlier. Make sure to keep backups of old maps if you intend to use them with older versions of the software.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the usage of maps, images or related data files created using Grid Cartographer ?

You are free to use map files, exported images and any other data files saved by Grid Cartographer without restriction for any purpose, including commerical use, either as stand-alone documents or included as part of a publication either directly or subject to further editing or manipulation after they were created. No acknowledgement that Grid Cartographer was used is required, but would be appreciated.

Q: Where can I ask another question ?

If you have a question not covered here then please contact me or post on the forum.