• Turn-Based Tactics: Battles can be played for as long as you like, a quick blast or an epic session! Play a skirmish match, or wage war in the grand campaign.
  • Deep Strategy with Logistics: Can you dominate the battlefield with your carefully chosen army? Do your forces have enough grain to withstand a seige? Will your strategy defeat the enemy and conquer the world?
  • One or Two Players: Play against the AI or challenge a friend in hotseat, over a local network connection or via e-mail (PBEM).
  • Massive Game World: 280 individually hand-crafted game boards to master.
  • Random Board Designer: Procedurally generate thousands of new Skirmish battle boards using a simple set of slider controls.
  • Modding Support: You can tinker with the rules, combat tables, add more boards or change existing ones.
  • Friendly DRM: Just a simple key code to unlock the demo into the full game - no online activation required.